Updated Tuesday 5/24/16


The final grooming reservation list is now available.  


Please click on the buttons below for the list of names sorted by grooming space number and the building layout map.

Please check that your name, the number of electircal outlets and the number of crates are accurate.

***  If there are any corrections,

you need to contact Wendy Galbreath   ***

Email: wendy_galbreath@hotmail.com

** Please keep in mind that space is limited.

Exhibitors will need to come prepared to get cozy. **

  • This will mean stacking crates to be more efficient in each space.

  • Plan to bring a way to secure stacked crates in your setup.

  • We are not guaranteeing that each person gets a set amount of space - we planned the grooming spaces based on the number of crates reserved in an entire row.

  • We want to ensure dogs and exhibitors are safe and comfortable, so the PSESSA show committee will be on hand to help with adjusting spaces as needed to accommodate exhibitor needs.